See Me's Inspiration

   Our inspiration comes from an event most of us hear of and never expect to occur.  That unfortunate moment of distraction and negligence is one we all dread. For our brother Chad, in the early morning hours of March 21st, 2019, that less than perfect moment became a reality. Known for his love and need for speed, he put his head down and pedaled harder to beat the light. A stranger, maybe eager to finally be home pressed a little harder on their own pedal. What didn't happen in those moments made all the difference. Two individuals, not seeing the other. Which is an all too familiar occurrence today's world.

   'Chadwick', 31 years old, was a true beacon of love and refuge for friends and family. He lives in our memories as a never ending wealth of stomach aching laughter, awe inducing tenacity and bottomless love. As the middle child, Chad had an incredible amount of friends and loved spending time with those closest to him. But his true passion was his family and made every effort to make sure they came first. He loved many things but among those, the sense of freedom only a bike can provide was close to the top of his list. Chad was a Co-Executive Chef at the elegant and sought after restaurant, Vast. Located at the top of the Devon Energy tower in Downtown Oklahoma City. His passion for culinary art and love for a good meal brought him to the pinnacle of his career that would've eventually served as a launching pad for him to excel into his position as head chef at several restaurants already taking note of his impact in the culinary world. Tragically, that future was stolen from him by an unknown driver traveling at speeds well above the speed limit. What we can only assume is that someone didn't see the other. We know very little about the moments prior. 

   Chad was noticed by friends returning home after a late night, debilitated, unresponsive and for lack of a better term, in pretty bad shape. He was rushed to the hospital, met by doctors and experts ready to assist. As more friends and family arrived, he held on. Long enough for those present to express their final words of love and voice their goodbyes. Although grateful for the opportunity, a harrowing experience for anyone. He forever lives on through an endless list of priceless memories. 

   We can sit and wonder for hours if anything could've been done to change the outcome of that night. What we can do is become a more aware motorist or a louder rider, a more visible pedestrian and See Me Co. wants to make that easier to do. Starting with awareness of the rider and the ongoing and growing popularity of cycling. Our world is changing pretty rapidly and commuting on a bicycle has risen to the top of the list as a form of transportation for those seeking an alternative to vehicular modes. So what does that mean? 'Share the road' awareness has never been more important. But the responsibility isn't on one or the other, its shared by those on wheels and those behind one.